As I promised [ profile] persikay a few "WaT" icons. Maybe you like one of those? Only six but maybe I come up with more another day. I actually wanted to put "That's amore" on one of them but it didn't really fit anywhere. I am going to find some more screenshots :)

Also, I am home. Obviously. I am sorry I didn't comment/reply to anyone yet but a) I only came home yesterday instead of saturday, b) I was totally exhausted (I wasn't even able to comprehend half of what I was reading, so the only thing I commented on was pouting about missing the voting in the Nick challenge) and c) I was feeling very low and down, and I didn't want to reply/comment in that state yesterday or earlier today, because I fear I would have whined way too much to all of you.

Anyway, Bells will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling, that's amore! )



Martin wants youDANNY!

Okay, so I capped the San Diego ep where there is so much Danny/Martin goodness. And I even forgot one scene of them together. Have a look what Danny and Martin are up to when they go on holiday :)

Put on some sunglasses because I kinda went overboard with the light on some of these ...

We are going on a summer holiday! )

Oh, and one icon:

Updated the M/D mood theme btw.
Here is another icon (in two variations) I just had to made after I've watched this eppie. One of these days I gotta put together an animated icon with all the pink shirts Martin ever wore (I think it must have been at least three! One of them was nearly glowing in the dark. *snorts*), and I think there was one episode where Danny wore pink, too. Gotta love those boys.

And here is a little pic spam from one of my absolute favourite episodes. This is the sixth episode in season 1 and the one where Danny lets Martin off the hook and they finally put aside all the stupid fighting and realize they actually totally like each other. Not that there won't be some nice lover's spats later on. One of them is the one when I finally realized those two - and which started my love for this show :) I really need to cap that scene.

Okay, anyway: Danny and Martin are send off to San Diego by Jack. Just the two of them. Viv wonders if they might better send a referee along with those two but after a little clash at the airport, they manage to put their differences aside and become a brilliant team and manage not to kill each other. They even take a little stroll on the beach!

'Ah... how'd it go with Mr. Fitzgerald?' - Danny: 'Good, good. He took a little breaking in but he's a good guy.'  )
Thanks to [ profile] persikay who gave me some ideas, here are a few icons. I am particulary fond of the animated subtext one.

Is this Freud or Jung? )



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