Here are all my 50 Dirty Pretty Things icons for [ profile] 50music! 50/50, 10 themes. All done :) Sorry if some of you are seeing some of the icons a second time but I wanted them all in one table now that I have them completed.

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Feedback is appreciated! If you feel like taking one, credit to [ profile] ronsoftie would be lovely, ta :)

My second batch for [ profile] 50music, 16 icons --> completed 34/50 Dirty Pretty Things icons. First batch over here!

blood thirsty bastards making plans for no one but themselves )

My first batch for [ profile] 50music, 18/50 Dirty Pretty Things icons.

they say that we are together, but I am sat here on my own )

"because you are gorgeous" = lyrics from "You're Gorgeous" from Baby Bird

"one to my left" and "sit down, my boy" = lyrics from DPT's "One To My Left"

Hah, more icons. There is one I am really, really happy about. Three guesses which one :P

(Same as the one I uploaded as user pic for this journal, but without the red layer. I cannot decide which one looks better, with or without?)

The rest of those is just a lot of experimenting. Some are quite okay, some aren't really, but I am fond of them all, as I learned new stuff which each icon, so they all get archived and shown off ;P

Stan, Carlos, Adam, Brett, Bernard & Ben )

~Fuz, who edited a Fab in ;) And a Ben.
I know they're nothing special, but they're the first wallpapers I ever made I can stand to look at, and that's a start, right?

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Black Magic )

The usual: credit = [ profile] marystmatthew, hotlinking = so not cool, comments = &hearts
Some new and old icons (at least I think I have never uploaded them)

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