Here are 36 icons of various people :) From Michael Nesmith to Jarvis Cocker!

Edit: And I made myself a new friends only banner. *loves it* (I babbled a lot again. *facepalm*)

Edit 2: plus another friends only banner inspired by Chrissie :)

All up for grabs, as usual :)

1-7: Ryan Wolfe (1-6 made for [ profile] togo_challenge, 2 and 3 won 2nd place. I personally do not like 2 at all, but I love 3)
8: Eric Delko (made for [ profile] miami_menstills)
9: Eric/Ryan
10: Orlando Bloom (Calcium Kid)
11: an awfully bad Snape icon. I wish there would be a better quality pic out there :/
12-13: BREASTSCoupling
14: my beloved Poet!Pete
15: Ronald Weasley
16-21: Michael Nesmith
22: The Monkees
23-27: Keanu Reeves
28-29: Friends
30-31: Conor Oberst (&smooch partner)
32: Ben Kweller&Albert Hammond Jr.
33-34: Brett Anderson
35: George Clooney&NoahWyle
36: Jarvis

we need every sandbag and every man to save the soul singer in a session band )

And the friends only banner.
Carlos and Stanley keep my journal safe from now on! )

Nooo, I am not watching too much CSI: Miami. Why do you ask?! And noooo, Pers doesn't have enough picspams in her LJ! ;) I am really getting an expert at working with screencaps. It's all I seem to be doing these days.

'You could have been gator bait on your first day.' - 'I sacrificed my lunch, please remember that!' )

#1 is the first icon I ever entered into a challenge, and it placed third *yay* I really like my idea for it, although it turned out a little too sharp ;)

#3, I overdid the pink touch a bit, poor boys have quite the pink heads.

#5, I saw all those caps with the pink shirts and I had to make a 'pretty in pink' icon. The thing which scares me about this icon is that Eric looks like Tim Mälzer! AAaaaaaah! Otherwise I really like it :)

#6 is my favourite of this bunch (except my gator bait!Ryan).

#7 I do not like at all :( Couldn't get the text like I wanted to.

Why do I do these insane babblings with my icons lately?! I am awfully sorry.

~Fuz. Obviously! Mary would not blubber on like this!


Apr. 7th, 2007 12:23 pm
A couple of icons I made over the last few weeks. Some of them I used, some of them I haven't. Plus, trying out that icon table thingie Sonja showed me, so I know what to do when I need it ;)

And hey, I even had the guts to enter two icon challenges last week :D

some where born to change the world, some never even try )




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