I got so many screencaps, I might as well post them. Not dial-up friendly, folks.

you're all just tourists )
Celebrating our favourite dizzy clip with a silly little fucking huge PicSpam :)

Did you just fucking honk at me? )
More screenshots. Sadly only small ones. But at least some screenshots are possible at all now. One Adam, two C&A, and a whole lot of the beginning from "Up The Bracket" because that = ♥! And of course, Carl doing the Davy shuffle. In very, very ickle though :(

You Can't Stand Me Now )
Because I am a screenshot whore, those were kind of logical, right? Some of them may seem repetetive (huh?) but I do not care, I love 'em :P And they are all different, no matter how it seems anyway.

New love grows on trees )

PicSpam :)

Mar. 4th, 2006 07:14 pm
Here is a PicSpam of one of our favourite musicians. He's a genius, he's a rebel, he loves his fans, and we &hearts him, no matter what people say.

You'll never fumigate the demons, no matter how much you smoke )

Martin wants youDANNY!

Okay, so I capped the San Diego ep where there is so much Danny/Martin goodness. And I even forgot one scene of them together. Have a look what Danny and Martin are up to when they go on holiday :)

Put on some sunglasses because I kinda went overboard with the light on some of these ...

We are going on a summer holiday! )

Oh, and one icon:

Updated the M/D mood theme btw.
Here is another icon (in two variations) I just had to made after I've watched this eppie. One of these days I gotta put together an animated icon with all the pink shirts Martin ever wore (I think it must have been at least three! One of them was nearly glowing in the dark. *snorts*), and I think there was one episode where Danny wore pink, too. Gotta love those boys.

And here is a little pic spam from one of my absolute favourite episodes. This is the sixth episode in season 1 and the one where Danny lets Martin off the hook and they finally put aside all the stupid fighting and realize they actually totally like each other. Not that there won't be some nice lover's spats later on. One of them is the one when I finally realized those two - and which started my love for this show :) I really need to cap that scene.

Okay, anyway: Danny and Martin are send off to San Diego by Jack. Just the two of them. Viv wonders if they might better send a referee along with those two but after a little clash at the airport, they manage to put their differences aside and become a brilliant team and manage not to kill each other. They even take a little stroll on the beach!

'Ah... how'd it go with Mr. Fitzgerald?' - Danny: 'Good, good. He took a little breaking in but he's a good guy.'  )

Now, this is a picspam I had in my own journal before (it's clear this is Fuz, right?) but as Dani and I were just talking about Mr. Hans Jensen, I thought a repetition would not hurt. Hans Jensen and Mr. Woods, definitely cannot hurt. Nope. Gosh, this thing kills me every time again. It has me in stitches every fucking time. And how amazingly adorable is insane Dom? And Elijah? Lovely! Hilarious! I will never forget when we watched this on Dennis' new TV, HUGE screen and her contrast was not really set right, so Elijah pops up on the screen and we literally pushed our chairs back a bit because his eyes were never bigger and never bluer than at that moment. It was a bit scary. *lol* Ohgosh, I am babbling again. I can never stop.

Onto the fun then :)

I dont know how anyone could not like you Mr. Woods! )
First one after my holidays. As I am working on the mood theme again I have many leftover pics from all the capping and leftovers are always good for pic spams. And for icons. See?

Still not Jude )


Jul. 21st, 2005 09:20 pm
Here be some pictures from the four days Mary and I spend together.

We are still more hardcore than paranoid Ewan McGregor!! )
So we meet up, fully intending to have an Adamfying experience (which we had), and end up doing - an X-Files PicSpam *lol* Don't ask. We re-dubbed the movies. Mulder is just searching for the perfect place for his first time all through the movie, and Scully doesn't like threesomes with Locke. Who had to catch a plane anyway. In the meantime, Fuz is in love. With a picture. It can happen, you know.

And we already watched the whole fourth season of "Coupling" :D Steeeeeeeeve!! "OH MY GOOOOOOD!"

*susan mode* Aaaaaanywayyyyy...

OMG, Mulder is a virgin! )



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