Just archiving this little thing. Fics kinda belong over here too, not only locked in my journal (I think there is one more I need to post over here as well) No cut as it is only short.

title: Biggles and Bilo (Sorry I am still bad with titles)
author: [livejournal.com profile] ronsoftie
pairing: Carl/Pete
genre: slash (AU future fic P/C)
summary: A double drabble, exactly 200 words. Bilo needs his Biggles, so I gave him what he wants ;P
disclaimer: Not mine.

These days Peter’s poems purely stay poems instead of eventually turning into a set of lyrics, most of them being whispered into Carl’s ears on lazy mornings. Of course they haven’t lost their love for music, only today they aren’t chasing record deals anymore but play for themselves, for their friends and at irregular intervals at their local pub. Never did they regret giving up on their dream of fame and glory, and both are oddly happy in their day jobs, jobs which they would have despised all these years back.

At times; like in this very moment, lying awake in the early morning glow with Pete in his arms; Carl still muses about the life they had hoped for – a life involving a record deal, fame, albums and long concert tours. While doing so Carl always, without fail, gets a sudden sick feeling he would have lost his Peter in that other life.

So Carl, as always, quickly shakes those unwanted thoughts from his head, hugs Pete closer to him and nuzzling his nose in his lover’s hair, he waits for him to wake up. After all it’s one of those lazy mornings, maybe there also will be poetry.
I know they're nothing special, but they're the first wallpapers I ever made I can stand to look at, and that's a start, right?

come on )

Pretty basic, I'm afraid :(



Is this wrong? :P I wanted to write this on the pic ever since I saw it first.

And some more screenshots. *g* Once a screenshot whore, always a screenshot whore.

All black and white this time around :)

Talk over Gin in teacups / And leaves on the lawn / Violence in bus stops / And the pale thin girl with eyes forlorn )

Oh, and an icon.
More screenshots. Sadly only small ones. But at least some screenshots are possible at all now. One Adam, two C&A, and a whole lot of the beginning from "Up The Bracket" because that = ♥! And of course, Carl doing the Davy shuffle. In very, very ickle though :(

You Can't Stand Me Now )
Because I am a screenshot whore, those were kind of logical, right? Some of them may seem repetetive (huh?) but I do not care, I love 'em :P And they are all different, no matter how it seems anyway.

New love grows on trees )
Was bored. Meh.

There will be more Carl/Adam hopefully soon. It's all in my head but I am always way too tired to write after work.

PicSpam :)

Mar. 4th, 2006 07:14 pm
Here is a PicSpam of one of our favourite musicians. He's a genius, he's a rebel, he loves his fans, and we &hearts him, no matter what people say.

You'll never fumigate the demons, no matter how much you smoke )



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