LWR mood theme. Finished!

Long Way Round )
I totally forgot, I have a few leftover icons again. Two very simply ones and another simply one. *lol*

You know I have no clue what to use for the "hot" icon on the mood theme? Any of you who saw the show has an idea for me? I don't know why but this one is giving me trouble.
First one after my holidays. As I am working on the mood theme again I have many leftover pics from all the capping and leftovers are always good for pic spams. And for icons. See?

Still not Jude )
Thorry ... it's not my fault. This DVD is just full of things to be capped and iconized.

44 mood pics done!!! Woohooo! Stupid England coming in my way. *lol*
Okees, I've made a sticky entry for my progress with the mood theme up here! So if you are so inclined, check in once in a while, I'll be posting new icons there as I go along. It's a good overview for me to have them posted somewhere in one place. So far I am actually still happy with it, despite me and the fight with the resizing ;) Well, let me know what you think so far, comments are always very appreciated.

2144 + 1 done, 11289 to go! *gulp* And no, I could not resist Ewan's arse :P

Thanks for listening :)

Need some opinions :)

Okay, because Mary and I went a bit mad last week we thought it might be a good idea to make a "Long Way Round" mood theme. Or I thought that and Mary was a bit too encouraging and did not let me forget about it. *lol* There will be another mood theme made by both of us but that's a topic for another day ... ;)

Aaaanyway, I am no good at resizing ... and here goes my question. How do these look? I know I am far from being brilliant with graphics and keep in mind this is just for my own journal so they don't need to be perfect but how do these look? Good enough to be used? I will polish them up later on (lighting some of them and give 'em borders ... ), it's just about the resizing right now ... *bites nails*

sore giggly

geeky crazy

hungry flirty embarrassed


Mary, I exchanged the Fuzma icon with Hardcore!Ewan because the fuzma one was getting on my nerves. Simply because of the quality. Made Norry our default. I hope that's okay?



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