Here be my ([ profile] ronsoftie's) 20 icons of Merlin for round 4 at [ profile] merlin20in20.

20 icons of Merlin )

Comments are always appreciated and credit to [ profile] ronsoftie would be lovely if you'd like to use any of these, thanks :)
Just trying again :) Damn movie is way too dark and funky-coloured for icons...


Hope you like!

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please credit [ profile] marystmatthew
How about a new header for [ profile] fuzma, Mary? I fiddled around with Simon a bit tonight and came up with these, maybe you like and think it's worthy of a FuzMa header?

All those behind the cut are basically the same, they only differ slightly in the colouring and the very imaginable text ;P I simply cannot decide which I prefer!? Although I think I prefer the darker version with all the text ... Opinions, anyone?

Mr. Amstell x6 )
1-11: David Tennant
12-14: John Barrowman
15: Gwen/Owen
16-45: Kirsten Dunst (including Elizabethtown)
46-48: Sandra Bullock
49-65: The Strokes
66-72 Carl Barât (+ Libertines)
73-80: Adam Green
81, 82: Scarlett Johansson

Some of these have been posted in icon communities already, so sorry if you see them again. I just like to archive my stuff in one place.

Kirsten icons much? )

Two banners made for [ profile] kirstenstills. This is how I originally made them before I realized I had to put "Kirsten Dunst Stillness" on them somewhere. Thankfully that was quite easy to repair ;)

two headers )

And my much beloved Carl/Stan wallpaper, which always gets back to be on my desktop. Right now I have the boys of the Tardis as a wallpaper but Carlos and Anthony will be back, they always come back ;)

Free Image Hosting at

Last but not least, John Barrowman would like to show you something! )

Everything up for grabs, as usual :)

~Fuz (obviously. Haha!)
Huge icon post, what's what under the cut ;)

archive, archive, archive )


banners :)

May. 31st, 2007 03:34 pm
Gotta put my banners somewhere, so here we go. In the order I received them, starting at the bottom :)

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