Merlin/Arthur by Fuz:

1) Aftermath - Drabble
2) Untitled porny drabble

C/A in order, all written by Fuz:

1) Date, maybe.
2) Stick up the phone, who is it?
3) Untitled 2
4) Untitled 4
5) Untitled 3 - phone conversation
6) I Kiss You All Starry-Eyed
7) Morning After Midnight
8) Uuuuh, Carl and Adam at the airport, big teary goodbye scene?
9) Untitled
10) Anniversary
11) Calm Before The Storm

More C/A
Belgian Outback - written by Fuz:

1) Belgian Outback - The original

2) Missing scene with Nate, Steven and Parker

3) Carl finds out:

- Version A
- Version B
- Version C
- Version D
- Version E

Random C/A stories (Fuz):
*What Became Of Forever? - Carl/Adam, Carl/Peter

*Mary!X-Mas fic, with a hint at Carl/Peter

*I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - a try at a songfic.

*Untitled Angsty Thing
*Sequel of the Untitled Angsty Thing 1/2


Mary's C/A stories:

1) Kiss This Pillow, Dear
2) Lily-Livered Lobster
3) If The Seas Catch Fire
4) Only You


The Emily stories:

1) Emily - written by Mary
2) Welcome Home - written by Fuz
3) Daaaaddyyyy - written by Fuz
4) France - written by Fuz
5) Daddy Duck - written by Mary
6) Carlos, the very rich tooth fairy - written by Fuz
7) Coming Home - written by Fuz
Random other fics:

1) "Dirty Pretty Thing new lover from Kate Moss. What will his mate Pete say?” - Stan/Pete, Kate (by Fuz)

2) Biggles and Bilo - Carl/Pete (by Fuz)

3) What Became Of Forever? - Carl/Adam, Carl/Peter
1-11: David Tennant
12-14: John Barrowman
15: Gwen/Owen
16-45: Kirsten Dunst (including Elizabethtown)
46-48: Sandra Bullock
49-65: The Strokes
66-72 Carl Barât (+ Libertines)
73-80: Adam Green
81, 82: Scarlett Johansson

Some of these have been posted in icon communities already, so sorry if you see them again. I just like to archive my stuff in one place.

Kirsten icons much? )

Two banners made for [ profile] kirstenstills. This is how I originally made them before I realized I had to put "Kirsten Dunst Stillness" on them somewhere. Thankfully that was quite easy to repair ;)

two headers )

And my much beloved Carl/Stan wallpaper, which always gets back to be on my desktop. Right now I have the boys of the Tardis as a wallpaper but Carlos and Anthony will be back, they always come back ;)

Free Image Hosting at

Last but not least, John Barrowman would like to show you something! )

Everything up for grabs, as usual :)

~Fuz (obviously. Haha!)
Just archiving this little thing. Fics kinda belong over here too, not only locked in my journal (I think there is one more I need to post over here as well) No cut as it is only short.

title: Biggles and Bilo (Sorry I am still bad with titles)
author: [ profile] ronsoftie
pairing: Carl/Pete
genre: slash (AU future fic P/C)
summary: A double drabble, exactly 200 words. Bilo needs his Biggles, so I gave him what he wants ;P
disclaimer: Not mine.

These days Peter’s poems purely stay poems instead of eventually turning into a set of lyrics, most of them being whispered into Carl’s ears on lazy mornings. Of course they haven’t lost their love for music, only today they aren’t chasing record deals anymore but play for themselves, for their friends and at irregular intervals at their local pub. Never did they regret giving up on their dream of fame and glory, and both are oddly happy in their day jobs, jobs which they would have despised all these years back.

At times; like in this very moment, lying awake in the early morning glow with Pete in his arms; Carl still muses about the life they had hoped for – a life involving a record deal, fame, albums and long concert tours. While doing so Carl always, without fail, gets a sudden sick feeling he would have lost his Peter in that other life.

So Carl, as always, quickly shakes those unwanted thoughts from his head, hugs Pete closer to him and nuzzling his nose in his lover’s hair, he waits for him to wake up. After all it’s one of those lazy mornings, maybe there also will be poetry.
I know they're nothing special, but they're the first wallpapers I ever made I can stand to look at, and that's a start, right?

come on )


Black Magic )

The usual: credit = [ profile] marystmatthew, hotlinking = so not cool, comments = &hearts


Oct. 29th, 2006 08:16 pm
title: "Carlos, the very rich tooth fairy!"
category: real person slash, Emily!Fic
pairing: Adam/Carl
notes: I just felt like writing something fluffy, happy, domestic and without any point to it at all.
disclaimer: True! True! True! I would never dare to say the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist. As for Carl and Adam having a daughter ... weeell, what do you think?

Stan is really really really really tall, Daddy. )


Sep. 22nd, 2006 06:25 pm
title: "Welcome home"
category: real person slash, Emily!Fic
pairing: Adam/Carl
notes: domestic! Hah. Anyway, I might edit this sometime in the future as I feel there is something missing.
disclaimer: Just yesterday I visited Carl, Adam and Emily in their lovely house in Watford. Beautiful there, you should come visit some day, too.

house hunting )


Sep. 17th, 2006 09:58 pm
title: "Coming home"
category: real person slash, Emily!Fic
pairing: Adam/Carl
warnings: This is very very rambly and totally random. And so domestic! *lol* But I loves it :P And the fluff is probably more damaging for your teeth than those drinks Adam and Emily are having.
disclaimer: I think this is as true as me being married to Keanu Reeves.

Yes, Adam does love his little family.  )
title: "Daddy Duck"
category: real person slash, Emily!Fic
pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
rating: G
warnings: Fluff! Be warned!
disclaimer: Carl and Adam totally have daughter. Didn't you know?!

Did I ever tell you I’m the mature one of your dads? )


Jul. 5th, 2006 03:40 pm
Okay, this is for Mary as a little pressie after her hard week full of exams (or if she, by any chance, happens to read this before tomorrow afternoon then as a distraction from those)

title: "France"
pairing: Adam/Carl
notes: My second Emily!fic.
warning: None. Except for the usual: sappy!fluff! Hah, I am the Queen of cheesyness. Or something like that :P
disclaimer: I am pretty sure Adam and Carl have a little daughter they are not telling us about!

Where the only way out is to sleep and to dream )


Jun. 20th, 2006 11:26 am



title: -
category: real person slash
pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
notes: Don't know what this is. It just came to me while I was dozing and I had to write it down. Dialogue only and so short that the cut actually would not be necessary.
disclaimer: Some things in this are actually true :P

I really love your new band, Carlos. )
title: "Calm Before The Storm" (*groans* I seriously hate having to give titles)
category: real person slash
pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
notes: Something Mary and I talked about. Stan! I am seriously getting too obsessed with Stan, I am putting him in every single fic I write lately.
disclaimer: Totally read about this in the NME just days ago! The picture is awesome!

Hello, my boys. Lovely Adam is finally here. )

to be continued? Although I fear it would end up as total crack!fic. At least if I write it exactly the way Mary and I have been talking about it.
A base and then the same effect in different colours :)

title: "Daaaaddyyyy"
category: real person slash, Emily!fic
pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
rating: Very very safe. There is a little kid here, so nothing is going to happen sex wise or swearing wise :P
warnings: A little explanation now: No, none of the guys was pregnant. So for the rest, keep thinking for yourself ;) Oh, quite rubbish as I am half asleep here.
disclaimer: Oh, never wished more for a fic to be true.

Say hi to Dad )


May. 30th, 2006 09:47 pm
For some reason the pure fluff fits way better over here, I feel.

title: "Emily"
category: real person slash
pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
rating: Not even a single swear word, never mind anything else. And did I mention the pure fluff?
warnings: No explanation of the situation. Think for yourself ;)
disclaimer: I wish.

She is perfect, Carlos thinks. )
Pretty basic, I'm afraid :(



Some new and old icons (at least I think I have never uploaded them)

more dirty pretty things )
I had to write something else, so I forced this little thing out of me.

Title: Anniversary (me and the dull titles)
Pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
Genre: RPS
Rating: Blah.
Author's notes: Back to shameless fluff. Back to Adam. Back to feeling not bad about a fic I have written. All mistakes my own.
Warnings: Very predictable. *lol*
Disclaimer: I own Carl and Adam. Like totally.

Anniversary )

C/A fic

Apr. 30th, 2006 01:19 am
The one inspired by the C/A phone icon I am using right now.

Title: Untitled 3
Pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
Genre: RPS
Rating: Who really cares?
Author's notes: Okay, as I said this was inspired by my icon. And some stuff over at [ profile] daily_adam
Warnings: Spell-check still on strike. All mistakes my own. This is more or less ONLY dialogue. I wanted to change that but I have been staring at this thing for nearly a week now and in a way I think I would ruin it if I add more to it than mainly the dialogue. Only a little bit of prose at the beginning and two ickle occurences in the middle. But that's it. It is really just dialogue. Written in about 10 minutes. So bare with me ;)
Disclaimer: I do not own Carl and/or Adam. If I would, they would be shagging like mad right now!

Phone call from Carl )



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