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Birthdate:Jan 1
FuzMa = Fuz ([info]ronsoftie) and Mary ([info]marystmatthew)
FuzMa = fics, icons, PicSpams, randomness
FuzMa = Fun & Madness

You'll never fumigate the demons
No matter how much you smoke
Just say you love me for three good reasons
And I'll throw you the rope
You don't need it

Cause you are the survivor
Of more than one life
And you're the only lover I had
Who ever slept with a knife

But you're not Judy Garland
Oh, just like me
You've never really had a home of your own
But I'm not Tony Hancock, baby
Until the day
We stone the crows

And you see I've brought you flowers
All collected from the Old Vic stage
Well, I've been sitting here for hours, baby
Just chasing these words across the page

Cause you're my Waterloo
Well I'll be your Gypsy Lane
I'm so glad we know just what to do
And exactly who's to blame

And you're my Waterloo
I'll be your Stanley Park
Well I'm so glad we know just what to do
And no one's left stumbling around
Fumbling around
Tumbling around in the dark
Always in the dark

You're my Waterloo
And I'll be your Calvary
Well I'm so glad we know just what to do
And everyone's gonna be happy
Everyone's gonna be happy
Everyone's gonna be happy
But of course

♥ Carl & Adam are major Love ♥

Gray Jackets are Love

* banner by [info]ronsoftie
* code by [info]damnicons
* customized by [info]fuzma

Credit for brushes & textures can be found here!
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